BRRREWER is available in different models with specific finishes of the carafe and other components.

With similar technical characteristics, each model features its own uniqueness, adapting to the context and the different professional and domestic needs, embracing the taste of everyone.

The models of the CLASSIC collection are the first versions of BRRREWER designed specifically for baristas and coffee lovers. The double-wall carafe gives the impression of coffee suspended in the air, and the bamboo base has a special non-slip finish for greater simplicity of use.
The SPECIAL collection designed for the most exclusive clubs and cocktail bars features a special glass processing that gives the characteristic satin appearance for an extraordinary tactile and visual feeling. The non-slip rubber base gives a gritty touch, always ensuring outstanding usability.
The models of the LOUNGE collection are specially designed for home and design lovers. The hand-blown borosilicate glass carafe maintains the external lines of the previous models and the suspended coffee effect that identifies each BRRREWER, lightening its style thanks to the skills of the glass crafts masters.